About Via Velo

Who is Via Velo?

-We are Best Seller on Amazon.com

Amazon.com is a marketplace that sees customer experience as top priority. Anyone who has been selling on Amazon knows that.

Via Velo has achieve No.1 Best Seller Rank on Amazon, supported by our sales volume and Amazon customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for reliable bike accessories with solid quality and good prices, our sales success on Amazon should give you confidence.


-We provide top quality accessories for bike riders.

Via Velo translates to: by bike.

When we began developing our products five years ago, our goal was simple: we wanted to provide a collection of performance accessories with the quality expected from high end companies but designed for everyday families.

Today, Via Velo has grown into a worldwide brand with a host of accessories all designed for bike riders. We mainly focus on bike locks and pumps to keep your vehicle secure.


-From Shanghai to Canada and US. It's all because of enthusiasm!
Our founder has been an enthusiast of cycling for over 25 years. He started building Via Velo in the bustling busy streets of Shanghai. Now we have moved from Shanghai to Canada to keep up with the expansion of the industry and to be able to get on the road more.

In Canada and the US, our trailers have been selling our products for more than two years. We are working with some of the largest retail businesses and have achieved a well founded customer base.

Now we want to expand further so that we can spread the cycling joy with more people out there!